Green Smoke Trade-In Program

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Green Smoke has also made its move to pick up The Safe Cig customers, but it looks like they are going even bigger! They are making a switching offer not just to the former customers of The Safe Cig, but also to any ecig consumer, customers of any ecig company.

The Green Smoke Trade-In Program:

Green Smoke is offering the following:

Turn in your ecig package from any other company and you will receive in its place, free of charge, a Green Smoke Essentials Kit. You won’t even have to pay for the shipping!

To take advantage of this offer, all you will need to do is:

  1. proof of being a customer of a different ecig company by either; sending a pic of yourself with a competing ecig package, or a copy of the invoice, or tracking info for having sent the competing ecig package to Green Smoke.
  2. register as a Green Smoke customer and call Customer Service to tell them you want to Trade-Up!

For more details, see Green Smoke’s Trade-In program page.


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By now you might have heard, or you might have even been personally affected by it, that TheSafeCig site went down last week, leaving all their customers in smoke-free limbo.


Some of the other e-cig companies are trying to attract the former customers of TheSafeCig.

Ever Smoke Basic Starter Kit

EverSmoke will give each SafeCig customer a free Basic Starter Kit (worth $59.99), no strings attached! For a limited time, with Eversmoke, you will get a 100% rebate to buy the Basic Starter Kit, and it is fairly easy to qualify for. 

All you need to do to qualify is to go to the Eversmoke rebate page for Safe Cig customers, fill out the form and send it in along with a picture of yourself with Safe Cig product/packaging or an invoice.

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I keep getting amazed by how cheap the Green Smoke ecigs keep getting. Every time I look back at the Green Smoke website the price has been slashed yet again!

For example, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Pro Kit used to sell for $188.92 and now sells for just $99.97. And that is now the regular price, not including discounts such as from coupon codes or sales! That is a price drop of about $82! Amazing.

Add to that, or maybe I should say take off from that, more money every time they offer a new sale, around the various holidays, and you are getting it for even less!

With Green Smoke being the leading manufacturer of ecigs, the complaint was always that the price was too  high, especially compared to some of the other companies. Personally, I prefer to pay a bit more and to enjoy the better quality. I believe that attitude provides me savings in the long run – - if I would buy a cheaper model from a different company, the quality might not be good, they might have a shorter lifespan, breakage, frustration, etc. All those sorts of things that make you pay more money later without taking that into account when considering the price. I prefer to pay a little more now, and save the extra money later.

Now, with Green Smoke ecigs being sold at much more competitive prices, buying your ecigs from Green Smoke should be a no-brainer!

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Cyber Monday is a great time to buy your e-cigs at great prices.

Green Smoke, the premier electronic cigarette manufacturer, is having a great sale just for Cyber Monday! Get it now, because the sale ends Monday night at midnight.

What’s the Green Smoke Cyber Monday deal?

 * Save 30% on all Kits!

 * Save 20% on Carts, Batteries, and pretty much everything else!

 * Save 5% on our most heavily discounted products like the Cartomizer 12 and 16 Packs!

Hurry!! This sale ends Midnight Monday PST!!!!

Go now to the Green Smoke website to take advantage of these great prices!

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Green Smoke is running a blowout sale, only as long as supplies last, for an oldie but goodie starter kit. They used to sell the Starter Kit for $139, and have since canceled this combination of goods as a kit.

Green Smoke has now brought it back, calling it the Classic Starter Kit, and they are selling it, for now, for only $69.99!!

Classic Starter Kit Blowout Sale

The new Classic Starter Kit brings back fond memories of their Basic Starter Kit, packed in its original box with 1 long battery, 1 short battery, 1 USB charger, 1 home adapter and a 5-pack of our FlavorMax™ cartomizers – all for the super low price of $69.99!

Green Smoke is not advertising this product on their own, but, for now at least, only through us Green Smoke Ambassadors.

Take advantage now, before they sell out. people are all over this classic starter kit, taking advantage of the amazing price.


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Green Smoke is on the verge of releasing their brand new Designer Collection of electric cigarette batteries, and if I only had one word to use to describe them, that word would be “wow!”

The designer collection is a set of beautifully designed batteries, each with amazing artwork, representing a different flavor. The artwork is not just a label stuck to the battery. Rather, the artwork is painted onto the battery itself – each battery is created with the artwork on it.

These designer collection batteries are stylish and sexy. No more simple white or black electric cigarettes, with the unique factor being the color of the tip – does it glow red or green or blue? Now, your entire cigarette will be unique and stylish!

You definitely want to be the first one to get these. You can be the trend setter. When people see you smoking these Green Smoke designer collection electric cigarettes, they will want to copy you!

Here is a video I made of the new designer batteries so you could get a sneak peek at them:



The designer batteries are themed after cities.

  • Cooperstown – Hit it Home

Good ‘ol American pastime. The Cooperstown battery puts a new spin on “Hall of Famer.” Remember the days when life was simpler – with Green Smoke. – Goes nicely with Absolute Tobacco

  • El Paso – Strong and Smooth

The flavor of the old west. The El Paso battery. Images of Indians and horses come to mind. Smoking this battery brings that classic time to the present, with a Green Smoke twist. Goes Nicely with Red Label

  • New Orleans – All that Jazz

Smooth and classy. The New Orleans battery is a great way to make some awesome music. Screw on a cartomizer, smoke into the night and leave your worries behind. Goes Best with Menthol Ice

  • Chicago – My Kind of Cigarette

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Upscale and fine. The Chicago battery is the perfect companion to a fine wine and a great restaurant. Cocktails and caviar anyone? Looks Great with Tobacco Gold

  • Seattle – Own the Day

The morning brings sunshine and fresh possibilities. The Seattle battery brings the feeling of newness – like anything’s possible. Don’t let anyone say that you can’t. You can! Looks Great with Mocha Mist

  • Charleston – Get in Gear

Inspired by innovation, the Charleston battery says the push limits. Don’t take no for an answer. Whatever you want to create…do it! – Looks especially nice with Vanilla Dream.

  • Manhattan – Explore the World

Opportunities abound with the Manhattan battery. Where will you go today? So many choices and not enough time to do it all. Just remember that you have a trusted friend with you that knows no boundaries. Looks Best with Smooth Chocolate

  • Springfield – The Noble Spirit

Fresh. Smooth. Welcome to your true flavor. The Springfield battery, aka, The Green Smoke battery, is the best way to show your true colors. Be proud and unique. Show the world that green reigns! – Goes best with your favorite flavors.

Get Your Green Smoke Designer Collection electric cigarette batteries now!

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Tax Day Benefits At Green Smoke

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Green Smoke is running a special sale for tax day. For today only, tax day, Green Smoke is offering a 12% discount on anything and everything in the Green Smoke store. That’s right – every single product is being sold today at a 12% discount.

That is a great tax day benefit. Take advantage now!

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February 14th will be Valentine’s Day. Green Smoke is running some great promotions for the entire two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, starting on February 1 (tomorrow).

Green Smoke Kits Promotion

The first promotion is all about Kits! Green Smoke will be offering a pair of special Kits beginning February 1st and running through February 14th:

    The Love At First Puff Kit includes 1 Long Battery, 1 Short Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, 1 Car Adapter, 1 USB Cigarette, 2 FlavorMax™ 5-packs, an extra 5-pack of Chocolate* flavored FlavorMax™, and a plush teddy bear! All this for a price that can’t be beat – $139.99!

    The Tobacco For Two Kit includes 2 Long Batteries, 2 Short Batteries, 2 USB Chargers, 2 Wall Adapters, 2 Car Adapters, 2 USB Cigarettes, and 4 FlavorMax™ 5-packs. Get you and your sweetie all this for just $199!

Green Smoke Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes Giveaway

The second Green Smoke Valentine’s Day promotion is a sweepstakes giveaway! Green Smoke is offering the prize of a free Love At First Puff Kit – delivered on Valentine’s Day, no less. All you have to do is sign up with a valid email address (between February 1st and the 13th) and you will be entered into the drawing.

Go now to Green Smoke and take advantage of these great deals before Valentine’s Day!

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I just came across the following e-cig company, the Blue Label offering a free trial made by Smoke51… I don’t know much about it yet, but it looks like a good deal…

Get Your Nicotine Fix Without Shelling Out Thousands on Cigarettes Every Year!*

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing this important message, visit here.

This is an advertisement. *See site for details.

To stop receiving messages, please visit here or send a request to:

3101 W. Hallandale Blvd., Suite 100, Hallandale, Florida 33009.

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Electric cigarettes have hit the television again. Popular comedy television show 2 Broke Girls most recent episode (S01E14) had the new neighbor smoking an electric cigarette

Unfortunately I was not able to make out what brand she was vaping.

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