SodaStream Review

Shpritz Your Own Soda

The Benefits of SodaStream

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I have used SodaStream for many years, and have enjoyed the great taste, the great savings, and the great health benefits of drinking soda stream drinks over drinking conventional store-bought sodas.

Great Taste, Longer Fizz

SodaStream Alternative Consumer Go GreenFirst off, one of the best benefits, of the soda itself, is that the soda stays fizzy far longer than in any other bottle of carbonated drink. The bottles used by SodaStream are not your average plastic, but they are thicker and are hermetically sealed. That means, you don’t finish the whole bottle at dinner, you stick it in the fridge and the next day it is just as fizzy.

So, along with the great taste, provided by the flavors and mixes supplied by SodaStream that taste just like the originals, the taste remains great, the drinking experience remains enjoyable, far longer than with your average store-bought bottle of soda pop.

Great Health Benefits

Another benefit of Soda Stream is that it is far healthier than drinking store-bought sodas is.

The SodaStream flavors contain 2/3 less the amount of sugar, carbs, calories, and sodium that store-bought sodas contain. Diet flavors are all sugar free, and, unlike store-bought, contain NO aspartame – SodaStream uses Splenda sweetener instead.

Less sodium and less sugar means that you are going to drink less of it than you would drink store-bought, and what you drink will not cause you to bloat the way store-bought drinks cause you to. You will not pack on the pounds that store-bought drinks cause..

Great Savings

SodaStream drinks cost about 42 cents per liter, for soda drinks, and 17 cents per liter for seltzer. Compare that to how much you pay per liter in the supermarket! SodaStream even has an energy drink that costs just 25 cents per serving, compared the the average cost of $1.99 per serving for the store-bought energy drinks.

That is great savings, and that does not even include the savings you enjoy by less waste, because the fizz lasts longer. You throw out plenty of store-bought soda, when
you drink and don’t finish the bottle in one or two sittings, and then refuse to drink “flat” soda. That doesn’t happen with SodaStream.

Another source of savings is no longer paying the deposit fee on bottles for recycling, and losing it by not returning the empty bottles.

Travel Friendly

Going on a trip? A picnic? Dreading having to drag along all those heavy bottles of soda?

With SodaStream that isn’t a problem. All you take is the cannister, a small bottle of flavoring syrup and that’s it. You get to where you are going, you get thirsty in the car, you want to stop on the side of the road for a short refreshinng break, all you have to
do is take a few seconds and make yourself a bottle of SodaStream soda.

There is no need to shlepp all those heavy bottles of soda on your trips.

Environmentally Friendly

By drinking SodaStream soda drinks instead of store-bought drinks, you will be doing your part in saving the environment. All those plastic bottles you throw away, the aluminum cans, the wasted resources, all those factors that are a drain on planet earth - no more.

With SodaStream you will be reusing the same bottles, you will produce less waste, less wasted resources, and Planet Earth will be all that much more greener.